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This game brings out the emotions more than any other. Casino players like to wander, take a look, drink in the atmosphere, watch the action and check out the other players.

At the craps table, feel free to applaud, cheer and let loose. Check out the layout with all its features and options. It looks complicated but the game is indeed simple. For strategic players, the casino advantage can be slashed to less than 2%.

Check out this craps lingo:

Boxcars–12; Cinco, Dos and Adios–7; Big Red–7 out. Dice–bones, cubes and G.I. marbles. Little Joe from Kokomo–point 4. Field is alive after 5–field bet. Hook–imaginary line that separates players 3 and 4 or on larger tables. It dictates where the dealer will place the players’ Come, Don’t come, place, buy or lay bets. Blowing on the dice comes from an old superstition that bad luck can be restored by an application of healthy breath.

Craps can be healthy for your wallet too, so come on in to ‘the roar’ of the game.

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