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There is more to land-based casinos than bright, neon lights, glitter and plenty of games. Casino players should gather some general information before beginning their next travelin’ gamblin’ expedition. Thus, the reason for this Land-Based Casino Resource area.

You should begin by asking the right questions, like how do I receive the best comps? What is the most valuable comp? BTW, what is a comp? Answers are available by browsing over to the Comprehensive Guide to Comps article.

What’s that gambling talk I hear at the casinos? What is a Cage? Barber Pole? Vigorish? Pips? and Croupier? Move on over to the two part article on Gambling Lingo? What should I know about Casino Security and Gambling Scams?

The answers are provided for this important question. Lastly, I’ve got some casino pet peeves, don’t you? We sure do and not only do we provide a top ten list, but suggested solutions are available too. One final suggestion. Before your next land-based casino trip, this is a must-read.

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