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The most spectacular splash in the gaming world belongs to the game of Poker, particularly the popular game of Texas Hold ‘Em. Here’s some poker jargon that will get you in the game.

All-In: When a player places all their earned money and chips into the pot during play then he/she is all-in. Blind: The mandatory bet that one or all players must make before the start of a particular game and before any cards are dealt. Nuts: The best possible hand. Rake: A percentage and/or flat fee deducted from the pot after each betting round for the casino services. These services include a dealer and equipment. Showdown: Last act of a deal that determines the winner of the pot after all betting is complete.

Hold ‘Em Jargon Flop: First three cards that come out in Texas Hold ‘Em. Turn: Fourth card that comes out in Texas Hold ‘Em, after the flop. River: Fifth and final card that comes out in Texas Hold ‘Em, after the turn.

Now you can stay in the action with the variety of poker playing options online including Seven Card Stud, Omaha and Texas Hold ‘Em online. Go out and ‘Catch a Perfect’.

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