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Basic Tips for Playing in a Blackjack Tournament

If you wish to win a blackjack tournament, you will have to manage your money carefully. The person who has the most value in chips when the game is over is the winner of the pot. Be the last to act so that the bet you make is decided with the maximum information available. Here are a few tips on blackjack tournaments.

• When you go to the tournament, go to the organizer’s booth or table.

• Take not of your seating assignment.

• Inquire as to whether you’re competing against the players at all the tables or only against the players who are seated at your table.

• Take your seat at the assigned table.

• Count the chips that are given to you by the dealer and make sure the amount is accurate. Dealers can, and do, make mistakes, though it’s very rare. The time to mention any errors is before the game starts and immediately after you have received your chips.

• Pay close attention to the dealer as she explains the betting structure and rules of the tournament.

• Your objective should be to advance to the next round. How much do you need to win in order to advance or win the tournament?

• Never get stuck with chips that you won’t be able to play, such as $6.50, when the minimum bet is $10. If a minimum bet is $10, never bet in $15 increments.

• Count the cards that are dealt and played.

• If your counts are negative or zero, make small bets. Make larger bets on positive counts.

• Until the last ten minutes or the last ten hands of the tournament, bet proportionally.

• On the last hand, always bet the maximum if you aren’t the chip leader.

• If you are the chip leader, bet the minimum to maintain your leading position.

• If you’re in a winner-take-all blackjack tournament, always bet the maximum.

More Useful Tips

• Use self control if you start winning. Take note of how far you are ahead and be sure to back off a little before you lose all you’ve won.

• Take insurance only when an accurate count is 3+ or higher.

• Never drink alcohol if you are counting cards. Alcohol dulls the senses and your count will be inaccurate, leaving you on the losing end of play.

• Don’t get distracted by bells, whistles or pretty waitresses in skimpy costumes or the alcohol that flows freely at blackjack tournaments. These distractions are for the purpose of drawing your attention from the game.

• Be proficient at the game before entering a blackjack tournament or accepting an invitation to one. This will ensure that you will play well and win.

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