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Casino Tropez – a Mecca for Gamblers

To say that Casino Tropez is one of the web-based casinos is the same as to say that Ferrari is one of the car brands. Casino Tropez is one of the most vivid and live examples of the successful association between the brand new web technologies and a spirit of real gambling in a world-class casino.

So, I would like to thank God for creating Internet and thank Playtech for developing online Casino Tropez, which is a real masterpiece among the virtual online casinos, where money and adrenaline has the same value as in land-based casino.

Now let us get closer to the gaming options in Casino Tropez. Table and card games, such as poker, baccarat, European and American Roulette; single and multi level slot machines; video pokers and live games (blackjack, roulette and baccarat), where you can play with a live dealer, can undoubtedly bring the atmosphere of Las Vegas on your desktop.

If you are an experienced player – you obviously know what game you would like to start with. As for the new-comers, I would recommend to start with roulette, and namely with American Roulette.

Why roulette? – Because it is a king of all casino games. Why American? - Because it seems to be easier to play. It does not have so called “call bets” or announces in contrast to the European roulette. In spite of the fact, that American roulette has two “zeros” on the wheel that slightly decreases your chances to win, I believe you are lucky enough not to get "zeros" very often.

In order to play roulette – just click on the coin you want to bet (do not be very generous at the beginning of your casino career) and then click on one or several betting areas on the table. You may bet on certain numbers, rows of numbers or just on "red" or “black” numbers. Clicking “spin” makes the wheel spin and let the ball decide the further destiny of your bet.

After the roulette, why don’t you spend a few minutes (or hours or days:), playing cards, for example, Blackjack. Though Casino Tropez has several variants of this game, such as Surrender or Switch, it is better to start with traditional Blackjack.

The main principle of the game: a player wins if the sum of his cards values is closer to 21 than dealer’s sum. After the first deal, you may click “Hit” to add one more card to your hand, if you are far enough from 21. But be careful, because exceeding the cards total of 21 leads to “Bust” and loss of betted money. When you click "Stand", dealer opens his cards and you see who is luckier.

The third integral component of any casino is slot machine. Casino Tropez has dozens of them. You may choose among single and multi-lines slot machines, each bringing you the unique design, music and the style. For example, Lost Continent slot reminds you the Jurassic Period, Bermuda Triangle adds the mystery to gaming experience and A Night Out slot machine brings you right to the dance party with glamorous girls and dizzy cocktails. Everything you have to do, playing the slot machine, is to choose the desired sum to bet, periodically click “spin” button and wait until the winning combination appears on the display.

Nice set of arcade games in Casino Tropez will be of interest for those who prefer playing darts or bowling instead of thinking over the cards combination or guessing the winnings number in roulette game.

If you like playing dice – try Dice Twister. The objective is to predict the results of three dice rolling. Move the cursor over the betting area and choose the betting option, for example, you may bet that the sum of the next three dice roll would be low (3 to 8), mid (9 to 12) or high (13 to 18), or you may choose one of the dice kinds (1-6) and bet that it would appear among the results of the next three dice rolling. Do not forget that all of these games (as well as over 60 other games in Casino Tropez) are provided with the best graphics, music and dynamic features, powered by the modern web technologies. Plus, everything (or may be almost everything:) is under your control in Casino Tropez: from the card size to the speed of a dealer’s speech. Of course, the chances to win or lose are in hands of her Majesty Destiny.

Finally, 24-hours support 7 days a week is ready to help you in case you will have any questions or difficulties, while playing Casino Tropez.

If you are an experienced gambler or just a beginner, Casino Tropez is a real place of interest in the world of online gambling and it is worthy to visit.


Casino Tropez
Best Bonus:
$75with any deposit!

Payout: 97.76%

Play Options:
Download and Flash.
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Deposit any amount and get up to $75 in free cash. Featuring VIP Comps Program & Regular Promotions & Prizes. Best quality free casino software in the industry. 24hr / 7 days a week friendly customer support; Ultra Fast Download. Multiplayer with Chat available for Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette.

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