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Club Dice Casino – A Place for Entertainment

The whole life is nothing but a game and all the people are the players. Though this statement is covered with a thick layer of historic dust, nowadays it seems to be of no less relevance. Choosing a wife or a husband, a job or a political party is not far away from choosing "red" or “black” to bet in the casino.

The only difference is that we may win or loose our money in casino, while in real life gambling it is health, happiness, and success that one can gain or lose. That is why, traditional casinos or their modern variants, online casinos, are better places to gamble in comparison with a real life.

Club Dice online casino offers the full set of traditional and brand new gaming options, powered by software from Playtech Company: an approved leader in binding technology with the real game experience right on the desktop of your PC.

Obviously, an acquaintance with Club Dice should be started with dice games. Sic Bo is, probably, the most well-known casino dice game. In fact, Sic Bo means “dice pair” in translation from Chinese and originates from ancient China. The idea of a game is rather simple: in order to win, a player should guess a dice roll result. You bet on certain combination, e.g. “3 and 5”, and if these numbers appear among the results of three dice roll, you win. In order to attract Luck while playing Sic Bo, I would recommend to take a cup of green tea and to place small bets (1-5 dollars).

The next game I really liked, while exploring Club Dice is Genie’s Hi-Lo, which can be found in the category of arcade games. The idea is to predict the next card. You can make two bets: the first is whether the next card value is higher or lower in comparison to that of a previous one; and the second bet is whether the next card is red or black.

What I liked playing Genie’s Hi-Lo is its easy and lax manner of gambling. Possible win sum increases with every successful prediction, but in order not to lose everything, I used the strategy of cashing out the win sum when it reached $20 – 25. As people say, a small bird in the hand is better than something big in the sky…

Speaking about slot machines in Club Dice Casino, I would like to mention only those that make Club Dice different from many other online casinos. Though the idea is the same everywhere, you may like spinning the reels of Dr. Lovermore of Perfect Planet slots.

I would draw your attention to Perfect Planet. You may choose to bet on one particular line or on combination of up to 8 possible lines. The coincidence of the same symbols in those lines will make your a winner. By the way, instead of symbols, like strawberries or cowboy's hats, widely used in other slot machines, Perfect Planet offers pretty nice Earth landscapes.

Now let me say a few words about the games, which embody the casino itself. Of course, I mean card and table games.

Club Dice offers two variants of roulette games: American roulette with double zero and Roulette Pro with single zero and a set of call bets. By the way, to make online gambling more realistic, you may choose playing live games (Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat and Sic Bo). If you select playing live roulette, you will see the live dealer in the screen corner and you will have the option to chat with other players online. Important note: live games are only available if you play for real money, not just for fun.

Finally, I would like to sum up the review of Club Dice Casino with the description of one more game, combining traditional poker with an ancient Chinese game, called Pai Gaw. The object is to beat a dealer, which happens if player's cards value is higher than that of a dealer.

A player receives 7 cards in Pai Gaw Poker, which should be distributed either manually or with a help of “House Way” automatic option into two hands: “Highest” and “2nd Highest”. After this operation is completed, click “Done” to reveal the dealer’s cards and check your luck.

Taking into account that Club Dice casino offers more than 70 games in total, it is 99% winning bet that this casino will satisfy the gaming appetite of any player, irrespectively to his experience in online gambling.


Club Dice Casino
Best Bonus:
$100 with a deposit of $100

Payout: 97.72%

Play Options:
Download and Flash.
Quick Download

Short Review:
Club Dice Casino is one of the best-established Casinos on the Internet. Excellent toll-free support, play at a private table, or use multi-player games.
Live Dealers: Club Dice Casino is a casino featuring live dealers via webcam. Using real time video streaming, players see and hear actual games of blackjack and roulette. Beautiful dealers deal cards, throw dice, and spin roulette wheels. Players can chat with the dealers and each other.

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