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Craps Etiquette

A Game Of Chance And Superstition.

At first glance craps appears to be a complicated game, but once you know the basic rules and have played a few games it won’t be quite so daunting. However, it is important that you practice good etiquette while at the craps table in order to ensure that your time and other visitor’s time at the table is an enjoyable experience. For those of you that are superstitious it may bring you some good karma, and if you’re not superstitious remember that others probably are so allow them their ‘odd quirks’.

Learn The Basics Yourself.

Asking the dealer and the other players how to play is not good etiquette. Make sure you know the basics before you start playing and try to watch a few games before you play. However, don’t stand around the table too long watching because the casino and dealers may believe you are up to something. Not only is this bad etiquette but it can also lead to awkward questions.

Look After The Table And It Will Look After You.

The table is the main area of the game. Do not do anything that may compromise its integrity. Do not place drinks on the table; there should either be tables around the playing area specifically for drinks or a shelf under the playing area. Leaning on the table and sitting down is also bad etiquette unless at specific tables so stand next to the table at all times.

Play your own game.

Asking questions is bad etiquette and, similarly, telling others how to play and giving advice without being asked is also bad etiquette. Concentrate on your own bets and allow others the same privilege. The occasional ‘bad luck’ or ‘well done’ is acceptable but calling out for numbers that would lose another player their money is definitely something you should avoid.

Hit the back wall.

In order to ensure that the roll of the dice remains random it is necessary for you to throw the dice so they hit the back wall. Failing to do so will usually necessitate the dealer informing you of the same thing. Also do not throw the dice so vigorously that they bounce out of the play area and avoid hitting chips or anything else on the table. There should be a clear area for you to throw the dice so use it.

Some Superstitions Are Unhygienic.

Blowing on or kissing the dice may seem like a good karmic thing to do, but others may not be so happy about using the dice afterwards. Try to keep bodily contact with the dice to essential contact only. However, if you do see somebody blowing on the dice, it is not your place to pass comment.

Tipping The Dealer.

Tipping is customary in many areas of life, and the craps table should be no different. If you found a friendly and helpful dealer or you had a particularly good run of luck with a dealer then tip them to show your appreciation. A good way to tip the dealer is to place a bet for them. You can either select the bet on their behalf or ask them the bet they would choose. If you do place a bet for the dealer in this way then always announce that you are doing so by saying ‘Bet for the house’.

Have Fun.

Most of these guidelines are just common sense but adhering to them will ensure that you have an enjoyable time as do the people around you. You may be in a casino but that doesn’t mean you should be impolite or basically rude to people. Treat others in the same way you would expect to be treated and this includes the dealer.

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