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King Casino Kingdom of Gambling on Your Desktop

If your favorite movie is Braveheart and your favorite book is King Arthur, if you prefer spending your vocations visiting ancient castles somewhere in Europe instead of lying on the beach somewhere in Malaysia, and if you definitely like the heat of casino gambling - Casino King is right for you.

Perfect graphics of monumental arches in ancient castle, music accompaniment, enforcing the feeling of greatness and mightiness of the Medieval Epoch, plus cutting-edge software, bringing the best casino gaming options right on the desktop of your PC – that is what online Casino King offers to its players.

Table and card games section in Casino King includes all the most popular and widely spread casino games. It is naturally to start this casino review from Roulette – the King of all casino games. Here you will find European, American and Pro roulette. You may choose any of these variants to play. The game principle is always the same: to predict the result of roulette wheel spinning, betting on particular numbers, areas on the table or just “red’ or “black” fields.

What I would really recommend, while exploring the Casino King, is its blackjack games, especially the Blackjack Surrender game. It is, in fact, a traditional blackjack game, but it is supplied with a ‘surrender’ option, giving you the opportunity to take back half of your bet in case you estimate the chances to win the game as “unbelievably poor”.

Of course, surrender tactics have never been the best way to win the tournament, but playing the casino, it is sometimes the only way to avoid a complete fiasco.

Arcade games section in Casino King is what can be called “a perfect combination of the modern technical achievements and historic gaming traditions”.

Derby Day – it is not necessary to visit the hippodrome, if you have a PC and Casino King installed. You can view the horses' characteristics, ratings and finally choose a competitor, you consider to be the most promising in crossing the finish line first and thus enlarging your current balance in casino.

Around the World – there are four destinations to achieve in this game. Every destination point can be reached in 6 steps. Your objective is to predict whether the next number after wheel spinning will be higher or lower than the previous. If your suggestion is correct - you are one step closer to your aim; if no - you are still one step closer, but the next mistake will end the game and take your betted money somewhere into the virtual space.

Now let me say a few words about one more featured Casino King game. This is a Three Kings single slot. In fact, it is a traditional slot machine, where you can bet 1, 2 or 3 dollars and win from $2 to 15 000$. But what makes this game peculiar is the application of sound effects and music, which suit the casino with medieval character perfectly.

To check my statement that Casino King is the place where the past meets the present, try A Night Out video slot. Dozens of bet options and five reels with pictures of hot girls, dressed absolutely not like ladies from Middle Ages, make a player feel the present day atmosphere of Vegas or LA.

Finally, I would like to describe 2-Ways Royal video poker. In fact, this is a game for those, who like 2-in-1 things, because 2-Ways Royal is a combination of a poker card game and video slot machine.

Your goal is to collect a five card poker hand, containing any of the winning combinations, indicated on the machine. You can choose certain cards to be replaced with the next deal. For example, after the first deal you have one King, which can set up the winning combination in case you get one more King during the next deal. So, you can hold the first King (or any other card you consider to be win promising) and change all the other cards. If you get the winning combination - you win, if no - try again.

By the way, if you are not experienced in certain games, Casino King offers you a special mode “Play for Fun”, where you can practice without any risk to loose your real money.


Casino King
Best Bonus:
$100 with a deposit of $100

Payout: 97.1%

Play Options:
Download Only.
Quick Download

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Short Review:
Performs well in all categories. Once you get the free download and start playing for real money, you'll enjoy the high quality gaming, realistic graphics and great service.

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