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Playing Online Poker

There is currently an increasing awareness of the poker world that is being taken up by the media both in terms of television, and magazines. The reason for this has to be the numbers of international poker players that are emerging through the various online poker sites. People who wouldn't dream of walking into a casino, are finding that they can experience the same thrill of winning a pot sitting at a virtual table in a casino.

Playing poker online is much simpler for new players than playing at a real table because you can learn the rules and strategies of games such as "Texas Hold 'Em", "Omaha Hi", or "7 Cards Stud" without having to consider your opponents, and of course you can play with money that doesn't exist!

Then once you are confident enough with the rules, and your ability, it's easy to transfer real money into an online account with the online poker site of your choice - then you can test your poker skills and have the chance to win real money in return.

The online poker community is vast. Like the major poker championships on television, at any time you can sit down to a table with people from all over the world, and from all walks of life.

The online poker world doesn't have any barriers - as long as you have money in your poker account, you can sit down and join in any tournament, and if you don't have money, there are also plenty of free opportunities to play poker online.

One of the big pulls for playing online is that many of the larger online poker sites offer chances to win a place in real poker tournaments where you can take a seat at a table in Vegas and have a chance to meet and play against some of the most famous names poker world.

It is already affecting the traditional poker world as more new players are starting to come through from the online ranks and rate as poker stars as they transition from playing just online poker to becoming professional poker players.

Online poker allows anyone with an Internet connection to test their skills and see if they have what it takes to play poker without worrying about "tells" and the simple "intimidation" of knowing you are up against seasoned veterans. So if you've ever wondered what all the fuss was about, visit an online poker site and play a few hands of your game of choice. Be careful you don't get hooked though - it's not unknown for a few hands to turn into a number of hours once you get started!

Katie-Anne Gustafsson, 2005

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