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Poker: Limit and No Limit Game Strategies

Most people understand the basics of how limits work in poker games. But, how do limits, or the lack thereof, really affect the game and the strategies you should use when you play poker?

No Limit Poker Games

No limit games, like their name implies, do not put any limit on the amount of money that players can bet. Players may bet or raise as much as they would like to and often these games end up with very large pots. These poker games can get very risky, as players are often motivated to make very large bets. Of course this style of play affects the strategy of every player, even those attempting to be conservative.

While some players prefer to stick to conservative betting in early rounds, especially in games like Texas Hold 'Em or Omaha where they want to have more information before putting a lot of money on the table, no limit poker games can make it difficult.

Players may get bold and put a lot of money on the table early on, forcing other players to either fold or put their money on the table, too. Serious players devise unique strategies for pre-flop and post-flop play in no limit poker games. No limit poker games are ideal for those who play intuitively and spontaneously, and are comfortable with their poker skill levels.

Poker Games with Limits

There are different kinds of limits in poker games. The most basic kind is simply called a limit poker game. In this style of poker, there is a specific dollar amount or range over which players cannot bet during each betting round. In a fixed limit game, the bet is a fixed dollar amount. Often, this dollar amount is doubled in later betting rounds for each hand; make sure you ask the dealer or check the table rules for details since the way this is applied to different poker tables can vary. In a spread-limit game, players can bet any amount within a defined spread or range.

Another kind of limit is a pot limit. It keeps players from betting more than the amount that is currently in the pot. Players can also make raises of any amount, not to exceed the size of the pot, so this is a fairly liberal type of limit.

A lot of money can make its way onto the table in a pot limit game because with each raise a player must also call existing bets. If the pot is large to begin with and the bets and raises are equal to the pot size, a single hand can account for very large winnings.

Many conservative players prefer to play limit games. The limits can keep the pots from growing really quickly, and prevents players from overbidding. Since the bets are regulated, players often rely more on long-term skill and can gather more information about the cards before they decide whether or not to fold or try to win the hand. Many players of limit games prefer a strategy that allows them to build their winnings gradually.

Whatever style of poker game you choose, it is important to develop your own strategy that complements the limits of the table.

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