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Poker Rules & Strategies II.

We continue the poker education for beginners to include strategies for Seven Card Stud and Texas Hold ‘Em.


Observing the cards on the table, or discarded cards, to determine how this affects your hand, and reading your opponent’s body language, face, and betting strategies can work to your profitable end. Maximize losses by not staying in pots too long trying to make every hand a winner, and there is no shame in being bluffed out of a hand; the loose play of the bluffer will catch-up eventually. Intelligent players know good folds and good bets.

‘Catching a Perfect’ -- pulling a card that sets up your hand perfectly will carry you longer in the game than Drawing Dead to an impossible hand.

In Seven-Card Stud -- fold on Third Street unless you have at least a pair and if the pair is low, you should also have an ace, king or queen kicker. If you do not improve your three card flush or straight by the fourth card, fold. If another player has a higher pair than yours, fold unless you also have an odd card higher in rank than the high pair.

In Texas Hold ‘Em -- continue playing with strong starting cards if first two cards are two aces, two kings, two queens, and A-K, or A-Q suited. Other possibles are any two cards higher than 10. Fold if you have a pair less than sevens. Look for lower cards in the flop than the rank of your pair.

Holding a ‘lock hand’ likely to win, e.g., full house, requires a strategy to keep as many players in the pot as long as possible to build your win.

Strong hands with good possibilities require aggressive play by raising, and getting rid of players who could ‘draw-out’ (bad hands becoming good hands). Only if you feel your hand has become second best do you fold.

‘Marginal hands’ that may improve should only be played on the cheap, either by checking or nominal bet.

A final word on bluffing - pick your times and players. It is easier to bluff against one player and easier against good players who respect the art as opposed to weak players who stay in the pot forever.

I expect that this education has granted you the confidence to tackle the game of Poker. Go forth and attack!

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