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Blackjack Strategies : Progressive Staking Plans

Using Staking Plans

Staking plans have been around just as long as gambling has; gamblers regularly search to try and find the ultimate system or strategy that will produce a long-term profit. This search for ‘easy money’ has proven a difficult search that takes gamblers down a long, winding road and often with no end product.

Systems that work in theory are as popular with casinos as they are with gamblers, hence the introduction of certain rules and limitations at the tables. For instance, table limits have not only proven the Martingale System to be ineffective but have turned the tables in the favor of the casino.

Will A Good Staking Plan Guarantee A Profit?

Staking plans are one route that gamblers have taken with some success, although they will not turn a wildly unprofitable system into one that suddenly makes thousands of dollars a day with no effort on the part of the practitioner. However, staking plans can minimize losses and improve profits.

In fact, by using an effective progressive staking plan you can do both. A progressive staking plan works on bets that offer even odds and a roughly even chance, so potentially work well with Blackjack. A progressive staking plan is based on the premise that games of even chance provide a combination of winning and losing streaks.

The Reverse Martingale

The simplest form of a progressive staking plan is also known as the reverse Martingale. Where you would normally double your stake size with each loss using the Martingale system, the reverse Martingale means you would double your stake size with each win. As you hit a winning streak you would win more and more money as the streak progresses, but because you revert back to your original stake after a loss this means that big losses caused by a losing streak will be minimized. This combination of increasing winnings and minimizing losses means much better monetary results.

2 Step Staking Plan

However, the more effective forms of a progressive staking plan use a less aggressive staking increase and they also limit the amount per stake. For instance, a very simple 2 step staking plan could be a 1,3 staking plan. This means you would start with a stake of unit and should you win you then stake 3 units on the next hand and keep staking 3 units until you lose when you would start from 1 unit again.

The Common 3 Step Staking Plan

A common progressive staking plan to use is a 3 step staking plan. Unit stakes, in this instance, would be 1, 3 and 5. Start staking a single unit and continue to do so until you pick a winner; when you pick a winner move up to a stake of 3 units and then 5 units if you win again. If at any point you pick a loser you should revert back to the single unit and if you keep picking winners you keep staking 5 points. A few hands and you should quickly pick this up.

Combine A Progressive Staking Plan With Card Counting

In the short term it may be possible to make a reasonable profit using a progressive staking plan, however, in the long term a progressive staking plan alone is not enough to make a profit and you will need to combine it with an effective card counting method that gives the player an advantage over the house.

By Matt Jackson

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