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Spin Palace Casino – a Place, Where the World Spins Around Gambling

Searching for online casino and choosing the one to suit your needs and expectations of the internet gambling perfectly may require many hours of your life in front of the PC and many bytes of web-traffic. Often it looks like choosing some food stuff in the supermarket: there are tons of quality and tempting products around and you can take any of them to satisfy your gastronomic needs, but you go on walking between the shelves searching for something special.

Spin Palace Casino undoubtedly belongs to such “something special”. Its functionality and design differs pretty much from the other web-based casinos; and this difference adds extra points to the ratings of Spin Palace.

But that will do with lyrics; let us look what Spin Palace offers to its players and first-time visitors. Being in casino and not playing roulette game is like being in Rome and not visiting Vatican. Moreover, here in Spin Palace you will find every possible type of roulette game: American, European, French and several modifications of these major types of the roulette. I would draw your attention to European Roulette Gold.

It is a typical European roulette with 0 – 36 pockets on the wheel and one zero. You may bet on any number, placing your bet on the corresponding field on the table. On the other hand, you may bet on “red” or “black”, “odd” or “even” numbers etc. It is absolutely up to your likes and estimations of your banking possibilities.

European Roulette Gold has one peculiarity – along with “call bets” (you may choose one of the list options to bet on the group of numbers on the table) a player has also an option to place “neighbor bet”. There is an additional area on the table, where you can place this type of bet. Neighbor bet means that placing a bet on a certain number. You bet on two neighboring numbers on the left and two on the right. Consequently, your bet sum is multiplied by 5.

Another calling card of any casino is card games (sorry for pun), especially the Blackjack. Spin Palace offers 14 variations of this game. By the way, far from every web-based casino offers such amount of gaming options.

So, Atlantic City Blackjack is the first in the list of blackjacks in Spin Palace. To master this game you should remember that the game’s goal is to beat the dealer by either getting cards with sum value equal to 21 or by getting the cards with sum value closer to 21 than the dealer’s cards. Choose the coin value to bet and click “Deal” button to get your first cards. If your cards total, displayed on the screen, is far from 21, click “Hit” to get one more card. As soon as you are close enough to 21 (e.g. 19 or 20), click “Stand” to open the dealer’s cards. Now it is the moment of truth, showing the winner of the game (either you or dealer).

One more note you may find useful, while playing Atlantic City Blackjack – there is a “Surrender” button. It allows you to surrender the battlefield and give the victory to a dealer, but save 50% of your betted money. This option is useful when you bet a significant sum of money and the first cards deal makes you very pessimistic about your chances to win the game.

Slots are one more component of any land-based or online casino. By the way, playing slot on your own PC, sitting in the comfortable chair, may look much more attractive for many casino players, than playing slot machines in real casinos. Moreover, the total number of slot machine in Spin Palace Casino is really hard to count. Their range will undeniably satisfy even the most experienced players’ tastes.

Halloweenies, Ladies Nite, Gift Rap, Fruit Fiesta, Golden Goose are only the small part of all video slots in Spin Palace. In fact, all you have to do is to choose the slot, the name of which seems to be the most interesting for you and play it. By the way, it is not necessary to download the slot game in order to see its design and decide whether you like it or not. Just point a game in the list of video slots with a mouse cursor and game’s screenshot as well as the general information is displayed.

The process of playing slots includes selecting the coin to bet, line to bet and pushing the “Spin” button periodically until the winning combination appears on the display.

MegaSpin High 5 video slot is for those, who do not like to waste time. This game offers you to play six slot machines simultaneously. Just imagine doing this operation in the land-based casino, and you will understand the benefits of Internet:-)

Finally, Spin Palace Casino offers several games in the “Unique” category, which are obviously really unique, because they are not usual for traditional casinos. One of such games is called “Scratch Card”. In fact, this is a game to relax after such adrenaline stimulators as roulette or blackjack.

The idea is very simple; nevertheless, the game is rather involving. You have to scratch the card, moving the PC mouse above it with left-button pushed. If your card contains the winning combination – you celebrate the victory and get the money, if no – you go ahead, hoping that the next card is the lucky one.

As I have already mentioned, Spin Palace Casino belongs to the things, characterized as “something special”. Check it yourself, be surprised with the amount of gaming options and be involved into the gambling atmosphere of one of the best online casinos for the time being.


Spin Palace Casino
Best Bonus:
$75 with a deposit of $75

Payout: 98.65%

Play Options:
Download and Flash.

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Short Review:
Spin Palace Casino is the more generic of all the Microgaming powered casinos. The graphics have a standard casino feel to them. Spin Palace Casino is licensed by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake, Canada. Payback percentages are reviewed by PricewaterhouseCoopers on a monthly basis.

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