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Strategies for Playing Online Slot Machines

Online slot machines operate identical to those in land casinos. All slot machines contain a Random Number Generator (RNG,) which is a computer chip that is placed in the machine at the factory. It is there that the slot machine is programmed to pay out. The RNG controls the spin of the slots and the outcome of each spin. Because slot machines are driven by a computer, they are perfect for online play.

Though winning at slots is mainly based on luck, you can give luck a hand by making your money last as long as possible. Your strategy should include starting with the lowest denomination coin. If you’re winning, that is the time to change to a larger coin denomination. By doing this, you can play longer and give yourself a better chance of winning.

When you’re deciding which slot machine to play, be sure to take the size of your bankroll into consideration. If you want to win a monster of a jackpot and you have a fairly nice sized bankroll, play a progressive machine. If a mediocre payoff will bring a smile to your face, play an online slot machine with a smaller jackpot, but one that offers a range of small to medium payouts.

Before you begin to play online slots, decide how much you can afford to spend in the session. Don’t go wild in hopes that if you can deposit more money that you’ll win or recoup your losses. This is a pitfall that all gambling establishments, both online and at land casinos, are hoping you will fall into.

Be sure to always choose an online slot machine that will enable you to change the coin denomination in a flash by clicking your mouse. This will allow you to stretch your money and allow you to play longer. The longer you play, the better your chances of winning a payout or jackpot.

Most slot machines payout a larger jackpot for maximum bets. If this is true of the slot machine you are playing, it is imperative that you play the maximum bet. If you’d rather not play the maximum bet, look for a slot machine that doesn’t pay a bonus or play a smaller coin denomination. That way the maximum bet is not so costly.

Never continue to put coins into a slot machine that hasn’t paid out properly. Contact Customer Service and tell them which machine you were playing and how much you are owed. If they don’t settle the dispute to your satisfaction, look for a new online slot site where you can enjoy a game of slots and where Lady Luck will smile on you more favorably. Good luck!

by Mary M. Alward

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