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Swiss Casino – Swiss Quality

What are the basic associations, related to a word "Swiss", which appear in the minds of the majority of people? I think I won’t be mistaken, saying that these associations are Swiss watches, Swiss banks and Swiss winter resorts. After getting acquainted with online Swiss Casino, I can easily confirm that this virtual place of gambling incorporates all the best Swiss traditions: reliability of Swiss banking, accuracy of Swiss watches and VIP-class entertaining of Swiss resorts.

After playing several online casinos and becoming a true fan of roulette, I would like to say that Swiss Casino is one of a few places, where you can try every type of roulette, available in the gambling community for the time being.

Swiss Casino offers traditional European roulette with one “zero” to increase players’ chances, American roulette with two “zeros” to become a real challenge for players and European Pro roulette to widen the betting options with the help of announces or call bets (you can choose certain betting combinations just with one click).

For all fans of card games, I would also recommend Swiss Casino for its full line of card games. Especially, pay attention to blackjack games. I wrote "games" because there are actually 3 types of blackjack: traditional blackjack, surrender and switch.

Blackjack Switch is really an involving game: first, a player has two hands to beat the dealer (in figurative meaning:) or lose his bets (in direct meaning:(; second, a player has a “switch” option, which allows him to exchange the top cards between two hands.

Two hands are played in turn: at first, you play cards in the right hand and then in the left. After that, dealer plays his own cards. In case the cards total in your hand is closer to 21 than dealer's cards total - you will hear "Player wins". And, of course, do not forget about the “switch” option. In fact, it is one more opportunity for a player to create blackjack and win 1.5 times of his bet. This option allows exchanging top cards between two hands.

But let us get rest from all those figures and card games rules. As I have already mentioned, Swiss Casino is a top-class entertainment. Even among dozens of slot machines, you will find Five Stars Slot, which has five reels and five line variants to bet on. You can bet on one line or choose betting on all line combinations to increase your chances or to increase the speed of money losing.

To continue the slot topic, I would draw the reader’s attention to Ocean Princess video slot. This is a three-reels and five-rows video slot machine, equipped with “hold” buttons below each reel, besides traditional betting and spinning buttons. This option adds certain piquancy to the game, because you can choose the symbol that seems to be lucky for you and hold one reel for the next spinning session. In case the same symbols appear in other two reels and form the line in any of five rows – it’s your lucky day.

Finally, I cannot help mentioning arcade games: though these games are less associated with casino gambling than, for example, roulette or poker games, they have become an essential part of any online casino due to their relaxing manner of playing and easy rules, familiar and understandable for the majority of people.

Indeed, everybody knows the rules of heads or tails game or rock-paper-scissors game. I am sure that everyone used coin flipping in certain life situations as the final argument in making sometimes rather serious decisions. In Swiss Casino you may transform your abilities to predict the outcome of coin flipping into real money. So, why don't you try it?

Speaking in general, Swiss Casino is undeniably one of those virtual gambling places, trying which by yourself ensures much more personal emotions and feelings of game excitement, than just reading the articles.


Swiss Casino
Best Bonus:
$225 with a deposit of $1000

Payout: 98.5%

Play Options:
Download Only.
Quick Download

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Short Review:
Legally licensed and fully insured, Swiss Casino is another excellent Playtech casino with very good bonus offers, nice support people and intuitive gaming interface. Loads of games - 61 and 13 different progressives.

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