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Ten Best Bets

Practicing Intelligent Gambling and Wager Management translates to learning specific strategies for casino games that, when played correctly, will result in a casino advantage of less than 3%.

This ‘game-plan’ will continue to be the goal of this author and educated gamblers. With ten best bets in the hands of educated gamblers, they are provided the envious advantage of diversification—moving confidently from one game to another, with the knowledge and tools to be prepared and profit from the casino experience. Following is the list of the ten best casino bets:

1) Certain Slot Machines: three versions are placed at casinos—basic slots with a single payline, progressives and bonus multi-line slots. Basic and some bonus slots offer the biggest hit for your gambling bucks.

2) Video Poker: Jacks or Better, Deuces, Jokers Wild, Bonus, Double Bonus and Bonus VP ‘full-pay’ versions offer the best pay schedules.

3) Blackjack: with optimum strategy, you can reduce the casino advantage to the much-desired even odds utilizing solid hit/stand strategies and card counting.

4) Craps: there are very good and very bad bet decisions in this game, however the intelligent gambler knows and plays the difference to their advantage. 5) Baccarat and Mini-Baccarat: is the recommended game for casino players who want to learn a card game with a low house advantage and are seeking an alternative to blackjack. Mini-Baccarat is especially appealing to the novice low-roller.

6) Roulette: Single zero play is the way to go with optimum strategies along the way.

7) Pai Gow Poker: bank on this other excellent option for card-players, especially if you choose the banker role.

8) Live Poker: with emphasis on Seven Card Stud, Omaha and Hold ‘Em, three of the most popular games.

9) Bingo: has always been a well-loved game and deserves to be in the Top 10.

10) Sports Book: Sports fans know about these profitable bets and so should you.

In the meantime, remember, “Not only do you have good luck with a gambling education, but you are making your luck”

Until next we meet in gaming cyberspace.....Gayle.

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