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Ten Worst Bets

To continue your ‘game-plan’, no gambling education would be complete without the knowledge of the worst bets and that is the subject of this article.

In the best bets/games article, I mentioned that casino players should target those games than have less than a 3% house advantage. In contrast, check out the greater house edge for the bets/games below:

Worst Bet #1: Keno. The casinos are almost begging you to play keno; just look at how much floor space they devote to the game. Could this be because the casino advantage starts at 25%--the highest percentage hold of any casino game?

Worst Bet #2: The Big Wheel. The house edge here is 15%. On the Big Wheel with pictures of $5, $10 and $20 bills, you place your money down and hope to match the spin of the wheel. You just know there are much better bets in the house.

Worst Bet #3: Roulette. The 5 number line bet where you place your chip to cover 0, 00, 1, 2, & 3. Pays 6-1. While the double zero roulette wheel has a casino advantage of 5.26%, this particular bet tops the roulette list of the all-time worst bet with a house edge of 7.29%.

Worst Bet #4: Caribbean Stud Poker. The worst option in this game is the progressive meter where an additional $1 wager leaves you hoping for a natural royal flush. With 650,000 to 1 odds of hitting it, this game is just way too expensive.

Worst Bet #5: Let It Ride. This popular game has many fans and a video version also; but the casino advantage sits at 3.5% just over the acceptable 3% or less.

Worst Bet #6: Red Dog. Another 3.5% casino advantage game. Now I know casino gamblers are going to play this card game and numbers 4 and 5 no matter what I say, however, all I ask is that you learn the better table games, and or machines.

Worst Bet #7: Blackjack Played without basic strategy. Do not give the house an advantage of more than 5%. Learn the best hit/stand strategies and card counting.

Worst Bet #8: Any proposition bet on a Craps Table. This includes field bets, hardways and Big 6 and 8. The house advantage with these starts at 9% and goes up to 16%. Don’t get caught up in the ‘roar’ of the game to the point that you lose track of the best craps bets.

Worst Bet #9: Video Poker with no strategy. Random play or hunches increase the casino’s advantage above 3%. Intelligent players know how to read a VP pay schedule and utilize applicable strategies for each version before they sit down.

Worst Bet #10: Straight Slots that have less than a 98% payback. Take the time to search and test slots before giving up your hard-earned money. Do not hit the first slot you see. Choose the best version for you whether it is basic, progressive or bonus video slots. Carefully select your allowable denomination within your gambling bankroll and locate a machine based on slot placement.

You may have noticed that some of the games mentioned--craps, slots, video poker, blackjack, and roulette are on the recommended list of the ten best bets/games.

The difference is in how you play them.

Until next we meet in gaming cyberspace.....Gayle.

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