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Vegas Red Casino – Sin City on Your Desktop

If you are dreaming about trying your luck in the legendary City of Casinos - Las Vegas, but cannot get there right now, why don’t you try playing Vegas Red online casino - the virtual place that brings all the game options and true atmosphere of a real casino right on the desktop of your computer?

A set of games, offered in Vegas Red, includes table and card games, multiple slots, arcade games and has one really interesting option, allowing playing virtual casino games with a live dealer. It makes even an experienced casino player satisfied with a game-play. And if you are a first-time visitor of Vegas Red, your first emotions will probably be astonishment from a number of games and urge longing to try them all.

If you are a beginner in casino, I would recommend you to start gaining the experience with a king of all gambling games – roulette. Furthermore, Vegas Red offers two versions of it: European and American. The main difference between them is in the number of “0s” on the wheel. American roulette has one usual zero and a double-zero. So, playing American casino, you have bigger chances to lose your money :-).

In addition, playing European casino in Vegas Red, you may place the so called announces or call bets: voisins de zero, tier, orphans, number and neighbors and final bet. Selecting a chip and clicking on one of the said options, you will cover a group of numbers on the table. Of course, the chances to win increase in this case, though the win profit from such bet decreases consequently.

Slot machines are other points of interest in Vegas Red. Though all the slots are based on one principle: you win when certain combination of symbols form a row on the screen, Vegas Red has dozens of slot variants, each offering its players certain atmosphere, created with high-grade graphics and music accompaniment.

You can try Bermuda Triangle to feel the mystery of this enigmatic place, or you can select Fountain of Youth to enjoy spending your money under the accompaniment of gentle murmur of water and birds singing.

For all those, who like different types of lottery, I would recommend playing such games as Pop Bingo and Keno. I especially enjoined playing Keno Xperiment in Vegas Red after winning some virtual dollars on the European Roulette. In fact, this is a nice way to calm oneself after adrenaline hit from the roulette. You just select one or several numbers from 1 to 80 on the board and start the game. All you have to do next is to listen to trance music and hope, that random number generator will generate that very numbers, you selected on the board.

Finally, I cannot help mentioning card games. In fact, playing blackjack in Vegas Red Casino is really an experience, every visitor should try. It is not even a problem if it is your first time to play blackjack. Remember that the winner is a player (or a banker), whose cards total is closer to 21. Computer calculates cards totals automatically and tells you the results. When you are happy enough to get an ace and a ten value card as your first two cards – it means that you have Blackjack and win one and a half times of your bet.

The last thing I would like to add is that you can hardly feel the casino atmosphere, reading articles about casino. Download and play Vegas Red Casino – that is the main advice of mine.


Vegas Red
Best Bonus:
$222 with a deposit of $100

Payout: 96.99%

Play Options:
Download Only.
Quick Download

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Short Review:
Vegas Red Casino is the newest and hottest Playtech casino on the Net. It's the third casino launched by Global Interest Gaming Ltd. To celebrate it's launch, Vegas Red Casino is offering an unprecedented welcome bonus of $888 on your combined first four deposits.

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