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Video Poker Strategy : Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild video poker is one of the most common types of video poker but few people choose it, instead opting for Jacks or Better. This is possibly because the introduction of a wild card, in this case a deuce (two), can seem confusing at first. However, it not only adds excitement but also gives you more ways to create a winning hand from virtually nothing.

There are certain plays you should adopt in order to increase your chances of winning and your chances of winning the bigger money prizes. The first thing to remember is that the introduction of the wild cards means that the lowest ranked or paying hand is three of a kind. There is nothing in this game for two of a kind. The follow plays are in order of preference, and so you should start from the top and work down always opting for the choice that appears highest in the list.

Being dealt deuces can seem confusing if you appear to have nothing to go with them. If you are dealt four deuces you should certainly hold all 4 cards and you might as well hold the fifth because five of a kind pays the same return as a wild royal flush. There is no better hand than the one you have and so turning the fifth card gives you no advantage and no disadvantage.

If you are dealt three deuces then hold a royal flush or hold five of a kind. If you only have four of a kind or worse then only keep hold of the deuces. You have a lot of ways to hit the maximum payout that you can achieve using a deuce in your hand.

Two deuces means you should hold four cards that will make a royal flush or better still hold four of a kind. If you have neither of these options then just hold the deuces and swap all other cards.

If you have four cards that would make up a royal flush then keep this in preference to anything else. Otherwise hold any paying hand, then four cards that will make a straight flush and finally three cards that will make a royal flush. If you have none of these plays available, just hold the deuce.

If you are dealt no deuces but are given four cards that will make a royal flush keep this in preference to any lower paying hand. Next, in order of preference, are four cards that will make a straight flush. Failing these, if you have three cards to a royal flush then keep these.

Keep any pair you have, but remember that two pairs is lower in value than three of a kind so there is little point in keeping two pairs unless the payout on a full house is significant. Therefore, if the payout on a full house is equivalent to the payout on four of a kind, keep both pairs otherwise keep only one pair.

Keep four cards to a flush and hope for one more in the same suit or a deuce. 4 consecutive cards that make up a straight should be held and then three cards to a straight flush.

Keep hold of any two same suited cards if they are both between a ten and a king in value. If you are dealt none of these then exchange all of your cards.

This may seem a little confusing at first because of the introduction of the wild cards. Print out this page and use it while playing online video poker. The computer and the software will quite happily wait while you scour the list for the hand you have drawn. Following these advised plays will hopefully make your video poker session a profitable one.

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