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Winning Jackpot Stories #1

If you are looking for the true ‘dream makers’ in the casino, that award goes to the ever-increasing progressive jackpots. These ‘life changing’ jackpots present the slot player with more choices both online and offline than ever before. I have compiled some of these Winning Stories to brighten your dreams tonight.

Where Are My Credits? A very lucky player got the winning Megabucks alignment on the first 3-dollar spin upon his initial investment of a $10 bill. The jackpot hit at Caesar’s, Las Vegas for a whopping $21 million. The new millionaire’s immediate concern was whether he would receive the unplayed seven credits due him. I’m sure he got them back as they would be suitable for framing.

It’s a Team Effort? The Edgewater Casino on New Year’s Eve was the plan for long-time friends, Karen Beverly and Rosemary Greene. A correct hunch, in hindsight, steered Rosemary to advise Karen to play a specific Wheel of Fortune progressive with the enticement of a $100 bill. In addition, Ms. Greene was ‘right on the money’ as her teammate hit for $6,768,407 after using up only 52 credits. The split pot will be shared with family members plus a special bonus of a new car.

The Fifties Were Indeed Fabulous? The Players Club was the setting for Linda Crosby of Houston who selected a Fabulous Fifties machine to play. After a two-quarter play, she was a winner with a $5,557,028 jackpot. Crosby’s reaction was, “I’m in shock. I can’t believe this has happened to me. I can now buy my aunt a car and help some people who are important to me.”

A Mid-Week Win? When Eleanor Russell made her usual Wednesday trek to Foxwoods Casino, CT, she had no idea what a $20 bill would yield. Much to her amazement, it got her a $1,728,769 jackpot by playing a dollar Wheel of Fortune progressive. The hit put Russell in the record books with the second highest win for the state of Connecticut. Still reeling from the big win, Eleanor was unable to decide on how to spend her winfall.

Dreaming Big? Even, though they had recently married in Las Vegas, it was the Station Casino in St. Charles, MO that Janet Kell thought about in her dream of a $ 2.9 million win. “It was so real, I just knew what I was going to do with the money, I planned to pay bills for both me and my children, save some for my granddaughter’s education and invest the remaining funds.” was her stated goal.

So, there was no complaining when a Double Diamond Wheel of Gold produced a lesser amount of $783,225 only 10 minutes into the playing session. A nearby player commented, “What did you get?” Upon Janet’s reply of “I’m not sure!”, there was another observation by the same player, “I think you got the big jackpot because you had three coins in.” Once the initial amazement fell away, Kell insisted that she will keep her job even though her co-workers are wondering “Why are you here?”

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