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Winning Jackpot Stories #4

If you are looking for the true ‘dream makers’ in the casino, that award goes to the ever-increasing progressive jackpots. These ‘life changing’ jackpots present the slot player with more choices both online and offline than ever before. I have compiled some of these Winning Stories to brighten your dreams tonight.

How Much Did You Say? Helen and Paul Miesemer, retired teachers, head out to the Atlantic City boardwalk casinos at least once a week. Helen selected a Wheel of Fortune at the Taj and after $125, up popped the three Wheel of Fortune icons and a jackpot of $1,209,524, much to the shock of the winner.

“I can't believe it” and “I didn't realize how much it was until the attendant came up and told me” were the best replies at that moment.

In the afterglow of the win, Helen's husband Paul was contacted in their hotel room as he prepared for an upcoming party. Paul recalls, “They told me my wife wanted me to come down to the casino because she had won a lot of money”. I asked, “How much, a couple thousand?” Then they said, “No, 1.2 million.”

As Helen and Paul prepared for a winner's photo session, Helen turned to Paul and asked if her hair looked okay. His reply, “You look like a millionaire.” The money will be put to good use for the purchase of a new car and assisting relatives with a new business.

Another 777 Millionaire Lucille Sismanovich of Northampton, Pennsylvania, hit the jackpot for $1,581,515. on a Millionaire 777 dollar progressive slot machine at the Showboat Hotel & Casino in Atlantic City. It is the first time this particular jackpot has been won in AC.

Sismanovich hit the jackpot five months to the day after the last Millionaire 777 jackpot was won nationally in California. She played just $40 before hitting the ‘big one’. “My husband and 1 wanted to get one last trip to Atlantic City in before the start of hunting season. I can’t even imagine what I’m going to do with all that money,” she exclaimed.

It's My Turn. Do you ever walk through a casino, like I do, and find couples taking turns attacking the spin button on slots? Well, this togetherness resulted in a $611,400 win for James and Leah Harman from Truckee, CA.

All it took was $5, a visit to Boomtown Casino in Reno and the right Wheel of Fortune progressive before the shock set in. Leah got the winning spin, but it didn't register in her mind immediately.

She was ready for another spin when James bellowed out a “Don't touch that machine!” command, like any member of the US Air Force can do so well. Leah observed the command and stated, “I was confused when it hit. I thought it was broken because it didn't pay me anything. No credits registered so I wanted to keep playing.” Getting over the initial good fortune caused Leah to almost pass out at which time an ice pack was applied by a concerned casino employee.

She did muster up the strength to call her father with the spectacular news.

Yep, That'll Get You A New House. Brenda Reedi will swear that her little chant of “big money, big money, big money” at her favorite Wheel of Fortune slot led to a winning jackpot of $1,484,897.

This bountiful trip for the Chuncula, AL resident will most certainly purchase a new dream home.

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